lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Tape one and two:

he once said ‘i think i’m in love with you’

and all I can tell him now is, i was and i still am in love with him

he then said ‘i was born to make you happy’

and I wonder… does this happiness involve so many tears?

or am i still longing for that never-coming happiness

he once told me ‘your world I all yellow’

but my world is all autumnly dark now

he then told me ‘it was all because of you’

but i do think it was all about and because of us

it came a time when he named me ‘lovefool’

and what other name can you give someone

who loves being fooled by him?

we reached a time and he said to me ‘it’s love’

but time passed and it all changed

it was not longer love for him, it was only for me

and he can say it ‘doesn’t really matter’

well, it does matter to me, I still care about him

i think I am still in love with him

and he sang to me ‘i turn to you’

like a flower leaning towards the sun

but now all i can see is him dancing away from me

he went ‘God must have spent a little more time on you’

but if He did so, He made a mistake…

He did not want me to be happy though

he goes ‘my love is your love’

but I do not think we still have the same concept

of the word, not between him and me.

he went ‘i belong to you’

and if he really did once I will always regret

not being able to keep him by my side

he goes ‘can’t take my eyes off of you’

well, i do not know him, but i could not

i spent 15 nights only watching him sleep

he wrote ‘(your drive me) crazy’

but I am still a fortune’s fool

since i could never feel that craziness

he promised it is ‘all for you’

but that all meant nothingness

and they had never told me about it

he wrote, i want you ‘here with me’

he had me, but the worst is

was it what he really wanted in life?

he promised me you can ‘say what you want’

but what i wanted was banned

I wanted to shout ‘i love you’

he sang ‘don’t cry for me argentina’

but argentina did cry for him

and i think it would cry a thousand more for him

he was wondering ‘are you that somebody?’

but he refused to find out

he did not believe in me, or did not want to

he was singing ‘i want you back’

and when he had me back

he did not allow me to have him back

he kept on wondering if it was all ‘new’

and of course i was going to be new there

but he preferred the everyday people instead


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